Avocado Honey

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Avocado Honey - One of our strongest flavored honeys made in Northern San Diego and Riverside counties from avocado trees.  There is a limited amount of this honey made due to blossoms that produce nectar when temperatures reach 90 degrees.  A strong and robust flavor.  We favor it for cooking and baking.

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3 Reviews

Margaret Owen Thorpe Sep 23rd 2020

Tasty and Unique

I gave some of your avocado honey to a friend who is also a native Californian. Her mother had an avocado grove near San Diego, and, sometimes, they had bees. She says it's the real stuff! Her housemate, a Midwesterner, puts it on fruit with yogurt. I'm going to try that with the jar I just got. Greetings to your bees from soon-to-be-frozen Minnesota.

Tom Heaton May 16th 2020

Avocado honey

Avocado honey, my favorite!

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