Granulated Honey

Granulated raw honey is still raw honey. Granulation naturally occurs because of the glucose. It does not mean that your honey has spoiled.  In fact, granulated honey is a sign that you have a high quality honey that hasn't been processed.  Honey that hasn't been overly heated or processed means all the health benefits of honey are still there along with the sweetness that only honey can give you. 

You can return granulated honey to its liquid state by heating the bottle/jar in either warm water or in the microwave.  

Beekeepers Tip:  microwave 15 to 20 seconds at a time.  Microwaves vary and if you put it in too long you can melt the plastic bottle.  We like to decant our honey into glass or ceramic microwave safe jars when it starts to granulate, or just buy it in our glass jars!

Granulated honey is nature's candy!