We're the Ashursts.  We’re beekeepers.  We sell honey.  We love our hive.

Beekeeping is a tradition in the Ashurst family that goes back five generations.   It all started in 1918 when Julian Ashurst started beekeeping in Pomona, California.  After relocating to the Imperial Valley in the California desert, Julian and his son Delvin Ashurst would continue to expand the family business.  Today, this legacy continues.  Collectively the Ashurst family maintains one of the largest pollinating outfits in the country.  

Avery Girl Honey is the new retail product line from our family beekeeping and honey businesses, Ashurst Bee Co.  The honey line was named after Avery Ashurst, the oldest granddaughter of Richard Ashurst and only daughter of Bryan Ashurst.  When she was just a little girl she would go to farmer’s markets around town and sell the family honey.

Our passion for beekeeping and honey production runs deep, and with each generation we have learned and improved on this time-honored hobby and business.  What we never lost or forget with each generation is that quality matters.  We love our bees and we know you will love our honey.

Avery Girl - 100% raw U.S. honey.  The highest quality honey from five generations of beekeepers.