Q:  Is honey a natural product?
A:  All honey is a natural sweet made up of simple sugars, mainly fructose and glucose. The glucose provides energy. Fructose gives honey it’s unique     flavor. Honey also contains traces of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
Q:  What is the best way to store honey?
A:  In a dry place as honey absorbs moisture. Refrigeration will hasten granulation. Freezing does not injure honey.
Q:  What should I do with granulated honey?
A:  Granulation is a natural process of true pure honey. All honey will granulate in time but never spoils. Granulation does not affect honey’s taste or purity. It may be used granulated or restored to liquid.
Q:  How do I liquefy honey?
A:  Place container (never plastic) in pan of warm (not hot) water. For microwave: Cook (glass only) 1 to 1.5 minutes, uncovered. Let stand 5 minutes. To protect its delicate color and flavor do not overheat. 
Q:  Does honey have additives?
A:  All Ashurst Bee Company honey is pure raw unfiltered honey with no additives or preservatives. No sodium. GMO FREE.
Q:  How many types of honey are available?
A:  In addition to liquid honey, there is creamed honey (which is finely crystalized). Comb honey is available during certain times of the year. Cut comb is sometimes placed in jars of honey. Remember, the comb is edible.
Q:  Are there less calories in honey?
A:  Although the caloric value of honey is slightly higher, the fructose provides more sweetening per measure reducing the amount required and the calories.
Q:  May other sweeteners be replaced with honey? 
A:  Recipes especially created and tested for honey give the best results. In many of your favorite recipes you may replace 1 cup of dry sweetener with 2/3 or 3/4 cup of honey depending on sweetness desired. Oil or wet measuring cup for easy pouring. Reduce baking temperature by 25 degrees. Remember honey is heavy by weight, a 12oz jar equals one standard 8 ounce measuring cup.
Q:  May I use honey for canning, freezing, jam and jelly making?
A:  Honey is a “super” sweetener as it brings out the natural flavors of fully-ripened fruits and vegetables.

Q:  Is honey good for people of all ages?

A:  Honey is a good and safe food. Try it! Honey is not recommended for infants under one year. Children over 1 year love snacks made with honey. Teenagers pep up with its quick energy. Seniors enjoy it when sweetening tea, coffee and cereals.