Charlotte's Honey Ham

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Are you looking for a tasty recipe for Easter lunch? Maybe you are thinking of serving ham, since it is one of the most popular choices for Easter lunch, but you don't want the same old ham lunch? I have a family recipe that will feed a large crowd and is sure to please everyone. I'm not even a big ham fan and I love this recipe!

For the full history of my Aunt Charlotte's ham recipe you would have to ask Charlotte. I only know that she routinely serves it at family functions and was so popular it made it into our family cookbook. Yes, the Ashurst family has a cookbook because there are a lot of us and that seemed like a great way to pass down our recipes. My entry was how to make a turkey sandwich because I can't cook.

I knew I wanted to feature this recipe on A Beekeeper's Daughter because it's a family recipe and it uses a ton of honey. Seemed like a perfect choice for my first food post. I reached out to my cousin Autumn for the recipe. She is the one that informed me that the recipe was in the family cookbook. I, of course had no idea it was there because... I don't cook.

Shameless plug for Autumn: Autumn is also the daughter of a beekeeper, my Uncle Kenny. You'll get to know Kenny if you follow Our Stories over on Instagram because he's often with my dad and is a really funny guy. Autumn is an Engineer and recently started a blog called Autumn's Running Late that is full of humor, inspiration, and features her supportive husband and two adorable little girls. It's definitely worth checking out.

Back to the recipe. After the ham was shredded I added our Citrus honey. I chose Citrus honey because it is my favorite, I always have it on hand, and it is our featured honey for April (10% off through April with code SWEETSPRING). You can use any of your favorite honey flavors though.

I chose to make the shredded ham into sandwiches for our lunch. I used a roll without any mayo or other condiments. I also added plain cabbage coleslaw. The meat is flavorful enough without adding competing flavors. I paired the sandwich with salt and vinegar chips because I thought it would offset the sweetness of the ham. It was a fantastic lunch.

If you don't want to make sandwiches you could serve the ham however you want. Potatoes and vegetables would be really good with it and you can use any leftovers to make an egg and ham burrito. Go crazy!

I have attached the recipe at the bottom of this post. Click on the recipe and it will give you a printable pdf version to use and save.  

Full disclosure. I don't know if this is easy to make or not because my darling husband made it for me. I wasn't even home. I was supposed to be home so I could take pictures of the process, but I didn't clarify that part and he made it while I was out. The only role I played in this was I shredded the ham, mixed the honey in, and made the sandwich. Oh, and I did the clean up. That's more my speed.

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Valerie, A Beekeeper's Daughter

Avery Girl Honey Recipe - Charlotte's Honey Ham