Stepping Into Spring

Spring is here, or at least that’s what the calendar says. Of course many of you might still be covered in a fresh blanket of snow or dealing with one down pour after another, canceling Little League practices and golf games.

Here in California we see it all. The mountains are still getting much-needed snow to continue an awesome ski season, in the north our state is still getting much needed rain to help combat the drought, and those in Southern California continue to see beautiful sunshine and warmer temps. Its no wonder the state is a perfect place for agriculture and the perfect place to raise bees!

Our bees are currently making their way, via semi truck, through the Central Valley of California back home to Southern California where they will spend the next three months pollinating melons, onion seed, avocado trees and citrus tress in the Imperial and Coachella Valleys, Temecula and North County San Diego.

Spring certainly is a unique and beautiful time in the Untied States. Along with unpredictable weather we know we are still in cold season and gearing up for allergy season. I know I often have to stop and think through sneezes, “Wait. Is this a cold or just allergies?” Whether it is a cold or allergies, honey has great natural properties to help combat your cold or allergy symptoms. I personally love it in a hot cup of tea, but my father-in-law swore by a spoonful of raw honey every day. We aren’t doctors, just beekeepers so we’ll let you decide what works best for you. At the very least you know it will be sweet going down, and we can all use a little sweetness in our day.

We welcome Spring and all the unpredictability and beauty she brings!