Sweet Spring

Hi Sweet Friend!

April is here!  I have always been a big fan of the month of April.  It's the month when it truly feels like Spring is finally here.  In Sacramento, where I live, we will still get rain, and you can still ski in Tahoe, but the sun is out more, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are shooting off new leaves.  It also means a crazy amount of pollen is all over the place and that brings on everyone's allergies.  So, bring on the sunshine and bring on the honey!

Our monthly honey special is Citrus Honey!  Citrus is my favorite of all of our honey flavors.  I love the color, the texture, and of course the taste. If you caught Our Stories on Instagram the other day you saw the video where my dad took us out to the citrus groves and showed us how they are making the citrus honeycomb.  If you missed it you can find the video here in Our Stories under "Beekeeper".   That was just part 1 of the series so you'll want to check that out. 

Our Citrus Honey is unique to the Imperial Valley because it is made in orchards consisting of lemon, grapefruit, and orange trees that all bloom at the same time.  Get 10% off your Citrus Honey order all month long with code SWEETSPRING.  This code will work online, in the Westmorland shop, and at Imperial Market Days.  The discount does not apply to our local vendor shops.  

Here's what we have coming up in April so keep checking your email for fun stuff from us.  If you're not following us on Instagram or signed up to receive our emails you should be!  And, tell your friends to join our honey loving community too!

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine, put some honey in your tea, and smell the blooming flowers!

Keep Buzz'n!

Valerie, A Beekeeper's Daughter