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Desert Flower Honey

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Desert Flower Honey - A special honey made in the Sonoran Desert of Southern California.  Unique to the area where spring flowers are abundant and varied.  This honey is a blend of many blossoms that make a smooth and tasty flavor.  Its color is in the light category.  We love it as a spread or paired with cheeses and fruit.

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3 Reviews

Margaret Owen Thorpe Sep 23rd 2020

On Toast Every Morning

I've probably said this before, but I went looking online for "desert honey" and found you. My father once kept some bees in Coachella Valley, and I've always remembered the honey. So glad I found you and so happy that your desert honey tastes just like I remember. I'll be back for more! Thank you!

Margaret Owen Feb 10th 2020

Desert Honey

I might be addicted to the Desert Flower Honey. I grew up in California, and my father kept some bees on our property in Coachella Valley. I was looking for a taste of my childhood, and Desert Flower does it. I put it on my toast every morning just like my father did.

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