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Alfalfa Honey

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Alfalfa Honey - The Imperial Valley is known for its alfalfa seed production with all alfalfa crops GMO free.  Our delicious Alfalfa Honey is made from this area.  This is our most popular honey.  Known for its flavor, sweetness and consistency.  It is low in moisture and a very thick honey.  Very good for allergies and used for sweetness in drinks and cooking.  Its color is from light amber to amber.  Very popular honey.  You will love it!

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4 Reviews

SEHO PARK Apr 25th 2022

I Love this honey !

I really like this taste. It's thick and chewy, so I eat it with fruit or biscuits. I give this honey to my friends as a gift.

Cynthia Mar 2nd 2021

alfalfa honey

This honey is my perfect honey !!! I love the flavor, consistency, and it looks and feels like Real, Unadulterated Honey. I am 86 years old and have had a lot of honeys all over the country and world, and this Is the Best. Thank you, Thank you, Avery Girl Honey .

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