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Mountain Sage Honey

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Mountain Sage Honey - An extra white amber honey made in the foothills of California Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.  It has a delightful aroma and flavor of fresh honey remembered with pleasure.  It has a delicate bouquet of honey flavors and we are careful to guard the sugars, acids, and proteins of this delicious honey.  Some years this is in short supply as it is dependent on rain and weather.

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3 Reviews

Joe Feb 1st 2021


This honey is amazing. Not only are the flavors on point for the type of honey it is but its also local. The company AVERYGIRLHONEY is amazing in one little detail..... They deliver locally which is amazing. I look forward to making another order soon so I can try some other types of honey. Great Job AVERYGIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Hilda Duran Jan 26th 2021

Mountain Sage Honey

I have used sage honey as a prebiotic and helps with digestion. I enjoy the taste with tea, very light. I also use it for treating respiratory organs during flu season.

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